A maximum of points and a maximum of fun!

What’s a challenge? It’s a challenge that allows the 3 most represented clubs to get a reward.

The two Openlakes events concerned: June 24 and 25 at Lac du Der (France) and September 16 and 17 at Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure (Belgium). There will be a ranking of the Challenge on each event, the points are not cumulative between the two events.

The objective? Collect a maximum of points to lead your club to the top of the ranking!

How do the points work? Each member of the club receives points individually according to his performance.

The winner of a race receives 1000 points (example: 4h for a half = 1000 points)

The runner up will get a ratio of points by comparing his time to the time of the first (example 4h05 = 1000/time of the second x time of the first = +-979 points)

To this calculation, we will add a multiplier according to the distance covered:

Full: x1.1 | Half: x1.07 | DO: x1.05 | Promo: x1.03 | Rookie: x1.02 | Kids: x1.01  |  Mini-Kids : x1.01

In our example, the first of the half will have 1000 x 1.07 = 1070, the second : 979 x 1.07 = 1047.53 etc.

2 rules to participate: be in order of license and mention the name of your club when you register (a later addition will not be accepted).

PS: encourage the registration of “group” when you register.

The first 3 clubs in the ranking will be rewarded (the reward will be mentioned here soon).

The more your club is represented, the more chance you have to win!


Attention: in this challenge, we do not take into account the Relay events or the My First Triathlon Experience event.